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Welcome to the Fresh Lords of the Empire guild page! We are an all purpose guild, on the Fort Garnik server, open to anyone, and we mean anyone, that is if you play as an imperial character of course :) But we will take any level player and give them the opportunity to connect with other players, ask questions about the game, and ask for a group with nice people who wont ridicule them for being new at the game. Everyone provides help to everyone, even the highly skilled players need help sometimes, and you can be a part of it today! Just click the join button, and we will get you all set up with your own account, forum account, and we will send you an invite to you in game!
Guild News

New Guildmaster!!

Xibane, Jan 5, 12 9:10 PM.
Everyone give Aceofblades a hand, as he has become the new guild master!!!

Reward System!

Xibane, Jan 2, 12 7:09 PM.
We, the guild officers decided to provide a reward system, for you, the players, for doing guild related tasks so we could motivate you!

Gain a Rank:
Get 50c 
The number also increases as you rank up IE:
Initiate - Acolyte: 50c
Acolyte - Operative: 100c
Op - Shadow: 200c
Moff - Lord: 400c

Successfully recruit 5 members and you will gain 1000c!

Ranking System!

Xibane, Jan 2, 12 7:03 PM.
A lot of you may be wondering how you can rank up in the guild.
Well Here is how:

If you recruit 10 members who join and stay in the guild, then you will rank up!

Flashpoints & Heroics:
If you complete 5 flashpoints or heroics (or both) with you're fellow guild members, then you will rank up!

Win 5 matches of PvP with a guild officer or the guild master present, and you will rank!

*Note: Helping out players can also grant you ranks, but those ranks are decided by the guild officers and guild master!

Guild Voice Over IP Usage!

Xibane, Jan 2, 12 6:55 PM.
We, the officers are contemplating the use of an online voice chat program like team speak, for use in Flashpoints, Heroics, and PvP. It would also provide players (who are comfortable with getting to know people better) the opportunity to do so!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Xibane, Jan 2, 12 4:09 PM.
We now have a website so you can see what's going on with the guild, and join the guild if you are not already a member!
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